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Is Crate training for you?

Too crate, or not to crate? Are you on the fence if you should crate train your dog or not?

There are many reasons why people choose not to crate train their dogs/puppies.

A few examples would be -

  1. Its like a jail, you would not put your human child in a crate.

  2. I want them to sleep with me

  3. They just cry I can not get any sleep

  4. My dog does good using potty pads in the house

Those are all valid thoughts, lets think about #1. Sounds like a negative view on a crate, but do we not use a crib for our children? A crib provides a safe area for our babies to sleep and relax when not being supervised. Why would we not provide the same for our fur babies? #2, perfectly ok for your dogs to sleep with you however do they want too? #3, I get it! Trust me I totally understand how it feels to have lack of sleep due to puppy whining. I can also tell you that when the crying is at its worse, you are half way there. #4, Did you know dogs can not tell the difference from a cotton pee pad and your cotton bath mat?

There is more to crate training than just tossing them inside and expecting them figure it out.

Pros to crate training our dogs

  1. Provides safety and security

  2. Helps with potty training

  3. Makes travel easier

  4. Boarding facilities use crates/kennels

  5. Prevents unwanted behaviors

When we empower our dogs to choose to go into their crate, that's when we correctly crate train them. Dogs who are crate trained are less likely to have separation anxiety, less likely to have fear or stress, less likely to chew on inappropriate items, and they are quicker to be potty trained.

Tips -

  • Create a daily routine and stick to it

  • Puppies on average need 15-18 hours of sleep

  • Make the crate inviting and comfortable, put toys inside with a cozy blanket or bed

  • Yummy snack time only happens inside the crate

  • Practice, Practice, Practice- Toss treats inside the crate to encourage them to enter on their own

  • Size matters, crate should be the proper size for your dog

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